A plan to address waste avoidance, reduction, reuse, repair and recycling for electrical and electronic products (e-products)


The Ewaste Watch Institute is partnering with the Queensland Department of Environment and Science to co-design an E-Products Action Plan that addresses the current waste-related issues and impacts from electrical and electronic products (e-products) in Queensland from avoidance to disposal.

The Action Plan will guide the Queensland Government, producers, brands, retailers, the repair industry, local governments, the waste and resource recovery industry, NGOs, businesses and the general public, on how to avoid and reduce ewaste. It will also inform state and local government policy, procurement, funding, investment, regulation and public programs.

A discussion paper – ‘Rethinking e-waste in Queensland’ – has been prepared to help prime the conversation and get you thinking about solutions, opportunities and specific actions. Download a copy of the discussion paper.

Share your views, ideas, and solutions

We need your help to identify and priortise issues, solutions, opportunities, and practical actions to avoid and reduce ewaste.

We are particularly interested in how ewaste can be avoided through circular design, product durability, reuse, repair, remarketing and refurbishment in addition to recycling end-of-life materials.

While more focused stakeholder meetings, workshops and online surveys will also be conducted to identify and priorities issues, solutions, and actions, we’re are also interested in your quick comments and ideas.

Comments made below are not considered formal submissions, though comments may be used by the project team to inform its analysis and draft action plan.

The information you provide will remain confidential and will be anonymised if used in any draft report documents including the final Action Plan.

Ewaste Watch reserves the right to not publish material on its website that is offensive, potentially defamatory, or clearly out of scope for the development of the E-Products Action Plan.

Brief Comments
You can also contact the project team directly:

John Gertsakis, Director – Ewaste Watch Institute
M 0409 422 08

Rose Read, Director – Ewaste Watch Institute
M 0418 216 364

Download a copy of the discussion paper:  Rethinking e-waste in Queensland